Local Resources

Some people wonder if they homeschool, how will they or their children ever meet anyone else? No, you don't have to join a co-op  - although you can. And, no, you don't have to stay isolated - although you can. The longer you homeschool, the more you will find you have to actually struggle to keep the "home" in homeschool. There are more opportunities around this area than you will have time, money, and energy to do.  It is also perfectly fine to participate in none of these opportunities. Staying home is valuable! Here are some of our favorite opportunities, not all are exclusively homeschool opportunities.  If you know of something not listed, please email us.


Bible Study

  • Bristol Community Bible Class formerly Community Bible Study - Ladies Bible study, homeschool groups for elementary through high school, meets on Thursday mornings. Contact GRACEd for update info on registration.  
  • eTeen - an evening Community Bible Study for teens, led by a local homeschool grandparent team, while not only a homeschool group, many homeschool children attend 
  • Bible Bowl - local group 
  • Highlands Fellowship has a "Kids Small Group" Bible study on Wednesday nights for 1st through 6th graders (and other programs for older kids). This is not just for homeschool children. The link to attend is at the bottom of the page.
  • Camp Evangel - offers summer camps, fall and spring weekend retreats for teens and middle schoolers - run by member of our group
  • AWANA - a few churches offer this evening Bible study for kindergarten through teens including Abingdon Bible Church and Rosedale Baptist - This is not just for homeschool children. 


Co-ops/Classes in Area

Driver's License 

Dual Enrollment/College







A few GRACE families have national podcasts.

  • A Delectable Education, focusing on the Charlotte Mason Method of education
  • HomeWise, focusing on seeking Christian wisdom for homeschool and families concerns. 


  • KidsTech - meets twice a year on a Saturday, not just for homeschool families, but a great opportunity for 9 -12 year olds. Check with SWVHCC. SWVHCC also hosts other STEM opportunities.
  • Lego League
  • Hayters Gap Library and Glade Spring library are hosting weekly STEAM days. Please check with them for the details.
  • Hands on Museum in Gray, TN offers homeschool programs 


This is not an exhaustive list for the larger VA/TN region. A few other co-ops have sports teams, but the following listings are those closest to the Abingdon area. If the Abingdon area does not have an opportunity, then a farther away option is listed for those who are interested.